7 Palms Anguilla …Things to do…Le Sand Restaurant

St Martin Le Sand Beach Restaurant

7 Palms Anguilla …Things to do…Le Sand Restaurant   Wow !!   What a great find !!!    My Friend.. Fabreeze a French Chef in Anguilla  introduced me to Gerald Ravel in French St Martin who owns and operates Le Sand . Le Sand just opened in 2012 …No advertising per say ..and well let’s just say […]

Tax Savings and Smart Spending


What will you do with your windfall of cash once you have leased your land and begun to make the incredible money that will come your way?  This is not a simple question.  While most people will never face this dilemma, you will.  One of the wonderful ways to spend some of this money and […]

Eagle Ford Shale …..Oil and Gas Leases

TRI-C Energy Partners serving Farmers and Ranchers    Eagle Ford Shale

Eagle Ford Shale …..Oil and Gas Leases

Change is coming to South Texas Eagle Ford Shale and that change will be much more widespread than was brought on by past oil and gas booms. Millions upon millions of dollars are already changing hands. With much more to follow. There will be many of newly rich landowners.

Eagle Ford Shale Oil and Gas


Eagle Ford Shale     …  Oil and Gas The natural gas industry has had a bumpy ride in 2010 with low natural gas prices, the oil spill and companies moving away from natural gas and into oil.  However, something has changed that could mean great news for the natural gas industry and it’s happening in a […]

Fracking the Eagle Ford Shale

Getting ready to frack  www.eaglefordshalemineralleases.com

With approximately 120 drilling rigs drilling wells to date…Reportedly there will be over 200 drilling rigs in 2011.  There are wells that are waiting to be fracked right now.  So with the increase the shortage of fracking crews and equipment is eminent. TRI-C Energy Partners LLC…..serving the Eagle Ford Shale Atascosa county Bee county Dewitt […]